Letter to join the global citizens alliance for seed freedom


Dear Friend,

On behalf of Navdanya, I write to invite you to become part of a Global Citizens Alliance for Seed Freedom - the start of a global campaign to alert citizens and governments around the world on how precarious our seed supply has become – and as a consequence how precarious our food security has become.

Seed is life and the first link in our food chain. Seed Freedom is fundamental to all our freedoms. Today that freedom is being seriously challenged. We are witnessing a seed emergency at a global level.

Many of us have created contemporary movements to respond to the seed emergency. Everywhere, locally and in their own specialized way, people are responding to the takeover of their seeds. We must create better synergy among the diverse strands of our movements and inform each other throughout the world about what we are witnessing in terms of threats and what we are doing to protect the seed.

The global campaign on Seed Freedom intends to give strength to existing movements of seed keepers and seed defenders, from the grassroots and onwards by creating bigger, broader and deeper alliances of solidarity. It aims to ‘connect the dots’ of the many voices around the globe to add strength to the
movement to keep seed free.

I am sure you will sense the emergency as deeply as I do, and feel the need to join forces to reclaim our seed and to protect our Seed Diversity and Seed Freedom. Let us plan common strategies and common actions so that our voices become louder and stronger.

Attached is the Declaration on Seed Freedom asking people to join the Global Seed Alliance by writing to us at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.. I hope you will join and help build a fairer and more sustainable world for generations to come.

In solidarity,

Vandana Shiva


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