About Us

Navdanya and its movement was created by Dr. Vandana Shiva 30 years ago in India to  defend Seed and Food sovereignty and small farmers around the world. Navdanya International was founded in Italy in 2011 to strengthen Navdanya’s global outreach in its mission to protect Nature, Earth’s biodiversity and people’s rights to seed and food and protect farmers’ rights to save, exchange and evolve seeds.  

Navdanya International launched its Seed Freedom Campaign in 2012 to bring to citizens’ attention the crucial role of seed in the battle to defend food sovereignty and food safety and help strengthen the movement to save and exchange seeds in response to the growing corporate hijacking of our seeds and our food.   In the context of the deepening global seed emergency and food crisis, Navdanya International formed the Global Movement for Seed Freedom as a way of uniting the diverse groups and organisations around the world saving seeds, resisting the criminalisation of seed saving and promoting ecological agriculture,  and to add strength to the mobilization against the industrialization, poisoning and impoverishment of our food systems. 

Navdanya has long fought against GMOs and patents on seeds introduced through intellectual property rights (IPRs) and so-called ‘free trade’ agreements, including biopiracy - the patenting of indigenous knowledge – and has won cases  in India related to neem, basmati rice and wheat.   

Through its Earth Democracy project, Navdanya International works to promote a new vision for a Planetary Citizenship, an alternative worldview, rooted in caring and compassion for the Earth and Society, where ecological responsibility and economic justice, based on the Law of Return, are central to creating a liveable future for humanity,



Navdanya needs your help to strengthen the movement to protect biodiversity and promote organic farming, to stop farmers' suicides and to help farmers adapt to climate instability. Together we can can build organic solutions to hunger and secure our children's food future. Join us in cultivating future.

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