People's Assemblies for The Future of Our Food & The Future of Our Planet

We face social, economic, and ecological collapse in every corner of our world. Big Industrial Agriculture is a major contributor to this collapse.

While having destroyed 75% of our soil, water, and biodiversity, and contributed to 50% of climate change, this model, that has its roots in war, produces only 30% food.

The real food producers are our pollinators, soil organisms, and biodiversity and small farmers who - as co creators and co producers with nature - provide 70% of the food which is nourishing for the planet and people.

Monsanto has emerged as the biggest destructive force in agriculture over the last 20 years using myths of GMOS, patents, free trade and toxics to monopolise our seeds and poison our food.

This year during the Seed Freedom Call to Action from 2nd October to 16th October 2016, Navdanya will be co-organizing a Monsanto Tribunal as well as a People's Assembly in The Hague from 14 to 16th of October.

We invite you to organise People’s Assemblies, wherever you are, to reclaim our food system - Our bread and Our freedom.

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Navdanya needs your help to strengthen the movement to protect biodiversity and promote organic farming, to stop farmers' suicides and to help farmers adapt to climate instability. Together we can can build organic solutions to hunger and secure our children's food future. Join us in cultivating future.

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