How agricultural chemicals are poisoning our world. And all the (false) myths about them

06 Sep 2017

Press Release

Santa Rosa, California, 5 September 2017: On the occasion of the 2017 National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, California, Dr Vandana Shiva, keynote speaker at the event, presented the latest report of Navdanya “The Toxic Story of RoundUp: Freedom from the Poison Cartel through Agroecology” and invited people and communities to join forces and come together in a synergic action for creating a Poison Free World.

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Navdanya needs your help to strengthen the movement to protect biodiversity and promote organic farming, to stop farmers' suicides and to help farmers adapt to climate instability. Together we can can build organic solutions to hunger and secure our children's food future. Join us in cultivating future.

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