Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Resilience

Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Resilience - How Biodiversity and Agroecology offer Solutions to Climate Change by Growing Living Carbon

The last two centuries of dependence on fossil fuels has created multiple distortions in our view of the world, of our production and consumption systems, of our ideas of efficiency and productivity, of our ideas of technological progress, of the way we produce and distribute our food. This report synthesises more than 3 decades of Navdanya’s work on Biodiversity Conservation and Agroecology as solutions to Climate Change by sowing Seeds of Hope and Seeds of Resilience. Navdanya’s work with communities across India to conserve Biodiversity and practice Agroecology based on Biodiversity intensification shows that not only can we address climate change and rejuvenate the planet, one seed at a time, but also that, in so doing we produce more and better food which could provide enough nourishment for two times the world population.
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Annam: Food as Health

The book creates awareness on healthy eating so that disease & hunger burdened in the Indian people is removed an India emerges as a strong nation based on Biodiversity organic farming a healthy people.

The contributors of the book, all eminent expert from their field will be creating a think tank on the linkages between food agriculture and health and task force to inform would the general public and the policy makers.
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ANNAM Executive Summary

India is emerging as an epicentre of major non communicable chronic diseases. Annam: Food as Health, is a book published by Navdanya, the movement for biodiversity in agriculture and in our diet. Annam is written by experts from diverse backgrounds to address this public health emergency, and offer solutions with the backing of the most sophisticated knowledgeand practice.The contributors include ecologists, agroecologists and biodiversity expert , doctors with Ayurveda and allopathic backgrounds, and those practising integrative medicine.

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Seed Freedom Global Report - 2012

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Navdanya International published Seed Freedom: A Global Citizens’ Report in October 2012 as part of its international campaign to “alert people, communities, institutions and governments of the serious risk to the future of the world’s seed and food security and what must be done to reverse it.” The report was written through a participatory process by over a 100 individuals, communities, networks and organizations. It takes stock of the erosion of seed and seed sovereignty and the deepening seed emergency. It combines stories from seed savers with those from seed defenders. It captures both the history of past initiatives for liberating the seed as well as creative alternatives that are shaping a future beyond monocultures and monopolies towards diversity and the commons. Learn more about Navdanya’s Seed Freedom campaign at

Navdanya needs your help to strengthen the movement to protect biodiversity and promote organic farming, to stop farmers' suicides and to help farmers adapt to climate instability. Together we can can build organic solutions to hunger and secure our children's food future. Join us in cultivating future.

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